Young Bugs

Here’s a new sketch of Bugs Bunny.  I did him as a younger version of the way he’s drawn on The Looney Tunes Show.  I think he’s ready to embark on his unconventional upbringing, or he spent too much time in the mineral spring.

Drawing Bugs Bunny

I’ve been experimenting with the scripting feature in Artrage Studio 3.5.1. It lets you record and replay the process of drawing and painting.  I made a video of replaying the drawing process for this one.  Since I don’t have the video upgrade on WP it’s on YouTube.  Unfortunately capturing the whole screen with Quicktime makes a great big video with the drawing process in the middle and the tips unreadable at YouTube resolution.

Scaredy Squirrel

Who are these guys?  An obsessive character with a dumb obese friend with an annoying boss and and a strange pet?  That sounds familiar.  They’re pretty cute characters an the show is done in flattened 2D Flash but pretty watchable.  The animation isn’t fantastic but it’s okay I guess.

This is a show that’s only running in Canada so far but through the magic of the internet shows do get around.  As far as I can tell the show has only a vague connection with Melanie Watt’s [i]Scaredy Squirrel[/i] books except that it’s supposedly based on them.  It’s very loosely based I guess.

I think they’re slightly out of scale with each other but i noticed Dave is a good bit smaller than Scaredy, not counting his ridiculously huge tail.  Richard is a bit big relative to the others I think.

Little Lola

Yes, another Looney Tunes Show related sketch., but it’s also Baby Looney Tunes related.

It’s been ages since I drew any Baby Looney Tunes stuff.

I think Lola got started early with obsessively seeking love.  It makes me wonder what she was missing at home.  In BLT all the baby loonies’ parents dumped them on Granny.  Where were all their parents?  That also makes me think of Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Applebloom’s missing parents in MLP FiM.  AJ’s parents weren’t even around in her Cutie Mark Chronicles story when she was a filly and Big Mac was a young stallion.  I know well it’s a common thing in children’s stories for parents to be absent or to have pseudo-parents like grandparents or aunts or uncles so parents can be plausibly absent and not interfere in the action.

It’s pretty hard to reconcile TLTS with BLT, since Bugs and Lola and all the rest were raised by Granny and knew each other as babies, then met again as adults.  Well, okay whatever.  But if you think about it, assuming Granny’s crazy WWII story is true, she’s had a pretty interesting life.  I wonder why we don’t see Stonehenge looming over the house in BLT.  =^.^=


Back off boys!

Back off boys! She's my girlfriend.

Another Looney Tunes Show related sketch.  I’ve got more where this came from.

I think I like the new character Tina Russo.  I held off drawing her until she appeared in the show.  I didn’t want to draw her until I had a good idea of her character.  As a friend said, she’s a true Brooklynite.  She sure is and I like her.  Daffy is one lucky duck considering she’ll even look twice at him.  I’m not too surprised she and Lola get along.

I ended up drawing them a bit big-heady and a little oddly proportioned but they both came out okay I think.  I especially like Tina’s expression.

Tin roof! Rusted!


He loves me! He really loves me!
Equal parts sweet and scary.  That’s what she is.

This is based on this scene from the TLTS episode Double Date and drawn entirely freehand.  Her expression isn’t traced.

I had to do that expression full body.  I got the expression down by acting it out.  The turned body and foot position came out naturally Photos of me acting that out are not available.

I noticed that every place in the food court of the GOCOOO Mall is called [something] Shack, which brought Love Shack to mind.

That wolf sure is a wolf

Wolf Wolf

Hey Baby

So this is my first post here in over a year.  Reaction was totally underwhelming back then, hopefully it’ll be a little bit better now.

I broke out a childrens story I wrote more than a year ago and started messing with it again. I was surprised it didn’t need more editing and I only changed a little bit to make it flow better and changed some of the action a bit. What I have so far is pretty much an introduction of characters and would make a good first chapter. No further ideas come to mind immediately but I do intend to work on it more. Last year I also did some character sketches and the beginnings of rough illustrations. So I decided to revisit it a bit more and came up with this for a scene where a wolf is trying to pick up the protagonist’s grandmother and she’s having none of it. He’s a real wolf, that wolf. Here are a few paragraphs from the piece.

When she got there her grandmother was in the big room that smelled like soup where the old squirrels played pinochle. There was a big wolf bothering her. He had his hair slicked back with greasy kid’s stuff and was wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans that hung way too low under his pot belly.

“C’mon Lulu,” the wolf said, “It’s not like you’re going steady with anyone. Why won’t you come to the bingo palace with me on Saturday?”

“Leave me alone, you old wolf,” Scarlet’s grandma said, “I know your ways!”

Phant & Phaux

Hot Elephant

Come splash around with me



Bunny Sketchies

Random sketchies of bunnies.

Chubby Bunny x2

Bunny Luv


Dum(bell) Bun

Because I haven’t posted anything in weeks.